The Power of Stories

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About Me

Jiaozhe Wu/ Elena is a sincere storyteller, recording every crush moment with her words, photos, and videos.

During her master study of journalism at the University of Hong Kong, Jiaozhe sharpened her skills in English writing, video shooting, video editing, photo taking, documentary production, and global affairs reporting.

She also has worked as an intern and written stories for Caixin Globus, Asia Weekly, China National Radio, Hubei Broadcasting Station, Hong Kong LT Heyday Culture Communication Co., Limited and so on.

After graduating from the HKU, Jiaozhe is going to work as a  journalist in Hong Kong.

She believes that the power of the journalism lies in making a voice rather than roaring with anger, and mobility instead of stagnation. She will continue to think with her pen and lens, to record the changing world, to tell more stories, and to grope for what the journalism contains.

“I think there comes a time in life when you have to stick to your decision. A moment to say ‘this is me, this is my choice’.”

——Kazuo Ishiguro