▶ Life With a Rope

Shibari is a kind of binding behaviors originated from Japan. In Hong Kong, the culture of Shibari gradually developed from the underground and accepted by more audience, with increasingly more shibarists. When we talk about Shibari in HK, what are we thinking of? Sex? Pressure? Or just art?


▶ Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest Temples in Hong Kong. As we all know, Hong Kong‘s Feng Shui culture has a deep root. There are a large number of prayers no matter it is sunny or rainy, including locals and tourists. Faith, religion, and fate. The existence of God may be in our hearts.

▶ Martial arts in Hong Kong

Martial arts is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, including swords, fists, Tai Chi, etc. In Hong Kong, the crossroads between East and West, martial arts develops vigorously in the cultural exchange and collision. Christina is an ABC who has fallen in love with wushu for nearly four years. What does martial arts mean to her, and to more others in Hong Kong?

▶ Long Er, a Cantonese Opera Troupe for the Deaf

Sound is everywhere, is one of the most essential elements of the world. The majority of us are most tired of them in our daily lives. But for some people, that is not the case. Long Er, is the only Cantonese Opera Troupe in Hong Kong composed of the deaf. How could they practice and perform opera without beats and music? What do they feel about this? and ……

▶ A Mobile Book Stand in Hong Kong

In today’s world of rapid consumption and rapid reading, paper books have become a scarce commodity in our daily lives. In HK, there is a mobile book store called “idunread”, which mainly sell second-hand books. The owner of the book store, Erica Tong, is also one of the founders of the “Life and death“ bookstore in Chai Wan. “The only thing I am working on is, let more good books to be seen.”

▶ New Chinese Barbershop

This is an observational documentary, recording a man‘s haircut process. The New Chinese Barbershop is still following the style of the old Shanghai barbershop, with much attention to the integrity and meticulous process.

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